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Below is a brief glossary of commonly used terms and acronyms, and links where available, that are relevant to North Texans with an interest in transportation and mobility issues.

4A, 4B - Development Corporation Act sections that permit cities to levy with voter consent a sales tax for economic development and other specific uses.

CDA - Comprehensive Development Agreement, a new tool established in HB 3588 to facilitate public-private partnerships and bring private capital (equity) into funding transportation improvements.

CMAQ - Congestion Mitigation and Air Quality, a transportation funding category established in ISTEA and continued in TEA-21…category 5 in the UTP… it provides federal funding to MPOs in nonattainment areas via DOTs for projects that improve air quality.

DART – Dallas Area Rapid Transit (www.dart.org).

DCTA – Denton County Transportation Authority (www.dcta.net).

DOT – U.S. Department of Transportation, the federal agency that addresses transportation issues (www.dot.gov).

EPA - Environmental Protection Agency, the federal agency that addresses environmental issues (www.epa.gov).

FHWA - Federal Highway Administration, a division of the U.S. Department of Transportation (www.fhwa.dot.gov).

HB 3588 - The omnibus transportation bill passed by the 78th Texas Legislature.

ISTEA - Intermodal Surface Transportation Efficiency Act, the 1991 edition of the six-year federal surface transportation program.

MPO - Metropolitan Planning Organization, which is federally mandated to develop transportation plans and programs for urbanized areas.

MTP - Metropolitan Transportation Plan, the region’s long range transportation plan (updated every 3 years with a 25-year planning horizon).

NCTCOG - North Central Texas Council of Governments, a voluntary association of local governments established in 1966 to plan for common needs, cooperate for mutual benefit and coordinate for sound regional development (www.nctcog.org).

NTC - North Texas Commission, a non-profit consortium of businesses, local governments and higher education institutions that develops strategies, forums and partnerships to address critical problems and key opportunities facing the region (www.ntc-dfw.org).

NTTA - North Texas Tollway Authority, the organization responsible for operating tolled facilities throughout our region (www.ntta.org).

RTC - Regional Transportation Council (the Metropolitan Planning Organization for the Dallas-Fort Worth area), a 39-member, policy-making body of local elected and appointed officials who oversee regional transportation planning (www.nctcog.org/trans/committees/rtc/index.asp).

SMP - Statewide Mobility Plan, the capacity component of the UTP.

SPP - Statewide Preservation Plan, the maintenance component of the UTP.

STIP - Statewide Transportation Improvement Program, a three-year financial plan prepared by TxDOT for project development and implementation.

STP-MM - Surface Transportation-Metropolitan Mobility, a transportation funding category established in ISTEA and continued in TEA-21, which provides federal funding to MPOs.

TCAWG - Texas Clean Air Working Group, a collaboration of local leaders from nonattainment, near-nonattainment, and early action compact areas who meet monthly with EPA and TCEQ leaders and legislative committee chairs and staff to discuss policies and programs to improve air quality in Texas and to achieve compliance with the federal clean air act (www.cuc.org/cleanair.aspx).

TCEQ - Texas Commission on Environmental Quality, the state agency that addresses environmental issues (www.tceq.state.tx.us).

TEA-21 - The Transportation Equity Act for the 21st Century, the 1998 edition of the six-year federal surface transportation program.

TERP - Texas Emissions Reduction Plan, an incentive program to reduce diesel emissions adopted by the 77th Texas Legislature and funded by the 78th Texas Legislature

TIP - Transportation Improvement Program, a three-year financial plan prepared by the MPO for project development and implementation.

TMF - Texas Mobility Fund, a new state fund from which debt service is paid on bonds issued for transportation improvements.

TMP - The Texas Metropolitan Mobility Plan, a new plan that seeks to reduce the levels of urban roadway congestion.

TRE - Trinity Railway Express, the commuter rail service between Fort Worth and Dallas (www.trinityrailwayexpress.org).

TTC - Texas Transportation Commission, a five-member board, appointed by the Governor to oversee TxDOT.

TxDOT - The Texas Department of Transportation (www.dot.state.tx.us).

UTP - Unified Transportation Program, a 10-year financial plan that authorizes project planning and development and is submitted annually to the TTC for approval.

Vision North Texas – A private-public partnership headed by charter sponsors the Urban Land Institute, the North Central Texas Council of Governments, and the University of Texas at Arlington.  It is increasing public awareness about important regional land use issues that affect mobility, air quality, water supply and other economic and environmental resources throughout the 16-county North Central Texas region (www.visionnorthtexas.org).


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